Here's how to properly care for your beloved sweaters

How to properly care for your sweaters

A sweater can go from soft and fluffy, to coarse and piled in one single wash and dry. This usually leads to a sweater that looks horrid, feels uncomfortable and… inevitably, gets discarded. Let’s avoid that!

Here’s how!
1. Always wash sweaters in cold water, regardless of the composition. The more gentle the detergent, the better.
2. Put sweaters in a garment bag prior to washing in order to reduce friction with other clothing.
3. Don’t wash sweaters with other bulky items like jeans, towels or heavy sweatshirts.
4. Air dry sweaters! The dryer is your sweater's worst enemy. It is always preferable to lay sweaters flat to dry, on a mesh drying rack or a towel. But if this is not an option, it is still better to hang your sweater to dry, just be cautious, this can stretch your sweater or leave hanger indents in the shoulders.

I have said it before and I will likely never stop, if you love sweaters, it is an investment to own a sweater comb and shaver. Even if you follow all of the steps above, sweaters will accumulate wear and tear in areas that rub. I usually give my sweaters a quick shave once they are dry before they get put away so that they are ready to wear when I need them. 

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