A go to list to start your own "Maintenance and Mending Kit"

Sewing kits


A simple mending and maintenance kit can be the difference between loving a garment for years, and wearing it once, only to have it fall apart or look worn and tattered long before its time. The links to some of these products come from companies I would not normally support. If you can find any of these items locally, I highly recommend doing that instead!


Here's the list:

1. Rechargeable sweater shaver

2. Sweater comb

3. Basic thread and needles

4. Embroidery scissors

5. Tapestry needles and needle threaders 




Almost every item of clothing will pill at one point or another. Rechargeable sweater shavers are a life saver and they are super quick and easy to use. I do A LOT of sweater shaving and I have tried a handful of these machines over time, yes they do eventually burn out. For at home use, I highly recommend the Conair Rechargeable Fabric Defuzzer  . It is compact and efficiently removes the pilling. This model is easy to find at most chain stores (sorry my friends, we may have to go to Walmart), and also comes in a smaller size.



For bulkier sweaters, sometimes the pilling is too large for the electric shaver. Let's face it, sometimes we need our sweater right now, and there's just no time to wait for the shaver to charge OR to sit down to shave it to perfection. Sweater combs are usually available at most drug stores, but if you are like me, you'll forget to grab one at the store, so here is an online option. The Mila Christina Cashmere Sweater Comb is made with wood, not plastic, and we're all about that. 


Clothing mending kit


Holes, loose seams, buttons falling off? Sometimes just a few stitches can save that blouse if you have needles and thread! I recommend you have black, cream and white thread handy for simple fixes. Needles and thread are easy to get at many box and craft stores... but, bonus points if you grab them at a thrift store, trust me, they'll have some ;)

Amazon doesn't NEED your business, but if you are in a pinch you can find assorted sewing needles here.


DMC embroidery scissors


Don't get me wrong, any scissors can work, but I do find that true embroidery scissors are perfectly sharp and pointy. If the scissors you are using are not sharp or pointy enough it can tear your thread and it's just annoying really. My prized pair of embroidery scissors were a gift and I LOVE them, they are the DMC steel peacock scissors. Check out your local textile art or fabric store before shopping online if you can, we love small and local. You can also get a nice little set from Michael's here if you can't make it to the store.


tapestry needles


If you snag an article of clothing, the snag can be pulled back towards the inside of your garment by slipping it through a tapestry needle or needle threader. Needle threaders are good for things with fine threads and tapestry needles work better for things like wool because they have a large eye and are smooth. Tapestry needles are usually easy to find at craft stores, I use this tapestry needle compact.


Thanks for reading! I hope this list helps you put together a kit that keeps your clothes looking fresh for years to come. Stay tuned for weekly blog posts by joining our e-mail list (there's a bonus discount code waiting for you too!). 


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